Video of sakawa boys performing money rituals inside river causes massive stir [Watch]


A video of young Sakawa boys performing money rituals inside a river has emerged on social media and has gets people talking.

Sometimes, the love for money can make people do things beyond ordinary reason.
Many young men in Ghana have sold their souls to the devil all because of their desire to be rich.

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These young men have been resorting to black magic popularly known in Ghana as juju or sakawa so as to get rich quick.

Well, has sighted a video of some alleged ‘sakawa’ boy performing weird ‘rituals’.

In the video, the boys could be seen chanting while others among them also rinse their faces with the river water.

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As their rituals went on, they pulled out bundles of money and sprayed it on the water while chanting in the process.

Some social media users reacted to the video. Some were extremely shocked at how such young and energetic dudes like them would be so much into rituals just to make it big in life through the shortest possible time.

Well, check out the video below :

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