Bobrisky threatened to kill me if I don’t leave crossdressing – James Brown cries out [video]


Nigerian crossdresser and social media personality James Brown has alleged that he was recently threatened by Bobrisky over his style of content.

Brown in his video claimed that Bobrisky reached out to him recently and he had assumed that the crossdresser simply wanted to check on him.

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James Brown and Bobrisky news


However, Brown claimed that Bobrisky accused him of copying his content on social media and also threatened to kill him if he does not stop.

He said he respects Bobrisky and feels grateful to him for reaching out to help him when he was arrested and accused of being a homos3xual but denies trying to copy him.

James Brown also revealed that it wasn’t just Bobrisky that helped him during his arrest, stating that he was the only one that posted it on social media.

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He reiterated that his type of content differs greatly from Bobrisky’s and he is in no way trying to copy him.

In a different portion of the video, Brown made it clear that he is not a crossdresser but a comedian.

The young man added that he doesn’t have the mind for half of what Bobrisky does online. Brown noted that people who are close to him know that he dresses like a guy whenever he has to make any appearance.

Well, watch the video below for more :

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