Tragedy as 17-year-old lady beaten to death by father of a schoolmate [watch]


A 17-year-old south African lady identified as Thuto Angela Moitsi has reportedly been beaten to death by father of a schoolmate.

Thuto Angela Moitsi succumbed to head injuries sustained in the beatings from the father who was revenging for his son who had lost a fight against Thuto.

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Thuto Moitsi beaten to death by father of a schoolmate

According to report, Thuto engaged in a fight after making fun of a [email protected] fellow school mate, the two exchanged blows and the boy was defeated and returned with his father for revenge.

The video emerges where Thuto Moitsi was heavily beaten by a grown man with his son. The video shows the young girl being violently flung to the ground by an adult male.

In the footage, screams can be heard as she is grabbed by the waist, flipped over and thrown to the floor, where she lands on her back.

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Watch the video below :