13-year-old class seven pupil amazes netizens with neat handwriting


A 13-year-old class seven pupil has gained widespread praise and recognition for being a master of a dying art – amazing handwriting skills.

The learner’s well organised type was not limited to her creativity as her choice of words in her composition titled “The great recovery” was also commendable.

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According to a Facebook post in the Teachers of English group made by her trainer, Arthur Bells, on Wednesday, January 19, the learner had neatly organised the characters which almost resembled the Gothic Book Hand handwriting.


Netizens were amazed by the leaner’s work. Here are some comments sampled.




In an exclusive interview with TUKO. Arthur, an English teacher, said he has been teaching for 20 years now and has a great passion for grammar and writing.

With regards to the amount of work put into handwriting training, the tutor popularly known as teacher Fred said it all depends on the learner.

The teacher said it is important to have neat handwriting as it is legible and therefore appealing to the eye. He noted that it is easier to get attracted to neat work than haphazardly done.

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