9 Ga priestess storm busy road with crate of eggs, schnapps, to invoke curses on Mzbel; video drops


Nine priestesses from Nae-We have invoked curses on singer Mzbel for calling the Nae shrine and priest a fraud.

The priestesses, clad in red and white, are seen around Abeka Junction near the premises of UTV, where Mzbel made her fraud statement.


They were heard chanting and raining curses on the singer.


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The leader of the group is heard saying that the gods had sent them to ask Mzbel to take the necessary measures to retract the statements she made against them.

“You called them thieves, you called the gods fraud, you said they can’t be trusted. You have defamed them in the eyes of all.

They are asking you to be summoned for interrogation,” the leader is heard saying.

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Watch the video below;

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