Detective Jane Mugo nearly killed herself while displaying her karate skills [Watch]


Controversial private detective, Jane Mugo, has stirred the internet after she was captured on a video showing her Karate skills.

The piece titled “Kenya’s Spy Queen” showed reporter Sharon Macharia spending time with the private eye to understand her life behind the scenes in the world of detectives

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Jane Mugo detective

In the 27-minute feature, Jane Mugo is compared to James Bond as she goes ahead to demonstrate her taekwondo skills while talking highly about her detective prowess

Netizens went crazy at some of the stunts she exhibited through hilarious memes and posts on social media

The plum detective, who has been making wrong headlines over claims of extortion, kidnapping and even collecting money on false pretences, was captured falling like a sack of potato when she tried to pull a ‘Jack Chan’s style of defence stunt.

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The video was first shared by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and it is a huge embarrassment to Kenyans who adore Karate.

Check out the video below :

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