Two men caught red-handed drilling each other ‘nyash’ hole in a parking lot [video ]


It was a bad day for two men who were allegedly caught having homos3xual relationship in parking lot as they were reportedly stripped and beaten.

An eyewitness who was one of the people who saw the sordid action, reported that the men who were suspected to be gays due to their closeness, were monitored by residents of the area till they were nabbed red handed in the act of sodomy.

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Two men are caught red-handed drilling each other ‘nyash’ hole in a parking lot

“Those guys have been in this shameful act for a long time and when people noticed that they were always together and in the midst of other guys, they started monitoring them till they were caught .

In the part of the video shared online , the unknown interrogator asked the other partner how many times has he had an intercourse with him, and he answered three times and even inside his pocket he has cond0ms inside, and they both admitted the fact.

Moreover, aside both lovers being in the mood, it is all because of money from the partner that led to them engaging in the act that night.

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They were asked to give vivid description of how they engaged in the act, and one of the partners started narrating the story from the scratch.

watch a snippet of the video below;

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