Tessica Brown; Woman who used gorilla glue to style her hair saved by Ghanaian doctor [video]


Tessica Brown, the Louisiana woman who went viral after smearing Gorilla Glue on her hair to style it, has finally gotten the incredibly sticky stuff out via surgery.

Brown’s surgery was performed by Ghanaian-American plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Obeng, who offered to do the $12,500 (KSh 1,368,125) procedure for free.

After the four-hour procedure, during which Brown was under light anaesthesia, TMZ reported, she broke down when she realized that she could run her fingers through her hair once again.

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Gorilla Glue ladies hair before and after surgery

The surgery went well. Tessica is doing well. She’s awake. The hair crew is doing her hair,” Obeng, director of MiKO Plastic Surgery, told CBS Los Angeles.

Brown was later seen gazing into a mirror as she checks out her newly freed hair.

Obeng explained that he combined medical-grade adhesive remover, aloe vera, olive oil and acetone to break down the polyurethane, the main ingredient in Super Glue.

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The surgeon had reached out to the desperate mother of five, who appealed for help in a TikTok video that went viral, and offered to provide the chemical treatment for free.

“When I found out this was a reality, you can only feel compassion and sympathy for Tessica. The procedure will be to dissolve the polyurethane, which is what Gorilla Glue is made out of,” Obeng said.

Brown got into the sticky situation after smearing the adhesive on her scalp after running out of hair spray — saying she thought it would just wash out.

Watch the video below courtesy TMZ :

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