Bribed with kiss: Policeman stops woman for flouting Covid-19 protocols , lets her off after lip-lock [Watch]


Bribed with kiss.. A police man in Peru allegedly let off a woman the fine for violating COVID-19 rules after she gave him a kiss.

The incident which reportedly happened in Miraflores Boardwalk in Peru’s Lima was caught on camera.

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Policeman caught on tape kissing lady who flouted COVID-19 protocols

In the footage , the officer and the woman can be seen standing between two parked cars on the roadside.

It appears that the officer is trying to note down the details of the woman to slap a fine on her for breaching pandemic guidelines.

Meanwhile, she tries to persuade him to let her off the fine in return for a kiss. Moments later, the two begin to kiss each other.

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“Our mayor Luis Molina has taken the decision to suspend this officer immediately… There are several infringements.

The young woman disrespects social distancing rules and he allows it… Then he takes off his mask to give her a kiss…

This action by itself is a very serious one and that’s why he’s been suspended,” a report by Daily Mail quoted district citizen security in-charge Ibero Rodriguez as saying.

Watch the video below :

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