Upcoming cross-dresser, Michelle Page challenges Bobrisky to a ‘no makeup’ contest


A new upcoming cross-dresser, Michelle Page has taken to social media and challenged his senior colleague, Bobrisky, to a ‘no makeup’ contest.

Michelle Page drew the battle line in a video he posted on his Instagram page on Tuesday, February 23.


Michelle said he looks beautiful even without makeup. However, he said such is not the case with Bobrisky.

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He challenged him to come out without wearing makeup on his face or using any filter in his video uploads.

Well…it appears the battle of the cross-dressers is finally upon us as as we patiently await Bobrisky’s savage reaction.

Michelle Page wrote; “I challenge @bobrisky222, The Nigeria Barbie to come out without makeup, I want her to come out without editing or filter, i will now tell her that i am her m4other.”

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Watch the video below…

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