“Please marry me; it’s urgent” – Lady begs men online; promises to explain during honeymoon


Strange as Lady begs men online and promises to explain the reason during their honeymoon

A lady is virtually begging for a husband, calling on any man interested in her to walk her down the aisle.

Oma is a young beautiful lady who has made a social media post suggesting that she actually needs a husband and it is very urgent.

Lady begs men online

From her looks, Oma should clearly be in her mid or late 20s and clearly ready to settle down but perhaps has not had anyone express interest in her.

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She made this post on Twitter with two accompanying photos…sarcastically putting her wares on display for customers to buy. Oma said she needs a husband urgently and she will explain why after the honeymoon.

Someone should coman marry me pls, its urgent biko, I’ll explain during honeymoon.

See the screenshot below;

Lady begs men online

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