Moment Vera Sidika falls on stage while entertaining guests at a party [Watch]


Popular Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika received the embarrassment of her life after falling on stage while entertaining guests at a party.

The well-endowed socialite left party attendees in stitches after falling on the stage while doing what she does best during parties.

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Vera Sidika falls on stage

The fly entertainer is known to charge expensive rates to make any appearance, but this time round, she did more than entertain guests.

An Instagram user identified as @duller_square shared the video of the socialite twerking before falling while attempting to walk away in high heels.

In the video, Sidika is dressed in brown print jumpsuit and she can be seen shaking what her mama gave her. And as soon as she stops dancing, she tries to walk away from the stage.

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But, the shoes or the ground she was walking on tripped and she could be seen falling and hitting the glass door in front of her.

The shared video has been viewed by lots of people with some sharing laughing emojis in the comment section.

Here is the shared video:

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