Drama in church as pastor holds hunter’s gun while members bring cutlasses to kill the devil (video)


Social media has erupted after a video of church members praying while armed with all manner of weapons emerged online.

In the video, the man of God is seen moving from one end of the chapel to the other with a long hunter’s gun in his hand while directing his congregants to attack the devil responsible for their life predicaments.

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Pastor holds hunter’s gun in church while members bring cutlasses to kill the devil

While some of the members were armed with brooms, sticks, and machetes to destroy the devil and his cohorts, the leader of the chaotic prayer session was armed with a gun.

The unidentified pastor is heard issuing prayer points while the church members waved and pointed their weapons haphazardly in response to his directions.

The name of the church in question is not yet know.

Watch the video below :

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