Aging sponsors caught on camera ‘chopping’ his pension with slay queens [Watch]


An elderly man has set tongues wagging on social media after he was caught on camera busy chopping his money with some slay queens.

After a long corona life , everyone termite has surfaced from their hall to spoil themselves outside there.

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Aging SPONSOR caught on camera ‘chopping’ his pension with slay queens

Well, this old guy left pandemonium on social media as he was captured struggling to chase around young ladies in a city club.

The cunning slay queens, who are young enough to be his granddaughters, surrounded the old man like bees on a hive and confused him with fake smiles and selfies, aiming to milk him properly.

The more they pampered him, the more he chopped money to buy drinks.

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Look at the way they surrounded the old man with selfies like tsetse-flies so that to mercilessly empty his wallet-

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