African print-wearing bride’s dazzles guests with angelic entrance [Watch]


African print-wearing bride’s angelic entrance into wedding venue gets tongues wagging.

A bride has got people on social media talking about her wedding day after she made a grand entrance to the event venue.

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Weddings are days many ladies dream about as they imagine it to be one of the grandest days in their lives seeing as they officially get to be with the love of their life for the rest of their days.

Africans are known to be a bit extra with parties especially weddings and it was not any different with this Nigerian bride.

In a video, the bride was captured walking majestically in a beautiful attire made from African print with golden wings affixed to its back, making her look like an angel.

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African print-wearing bride's angelic entrance

The video was posted to social media and the platform users have been sharing their thoughts on the bride’s dressing on her big day.

While some people praise it, others say it looks cumbersome… Check out the video below :

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