Prison warder video update: Details about involved inmate revealed


Prison warder video update... A female prison warder and inmate locked themselves in a room for some poking fun. And the intimate moment was caught on camera, with the video making waves on social media.

The inmate is doing life for rap£, robbery, housebreaking, attempted murd£r, and attempted rap£. He was sentenced in 2008.

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According to a source, the woman was previously suspended for a different offence. The matter is still a subject of an internal disciplinary process.

However, social media users were not pleased as it appeared the warder was aware the incident was being filmed.

Some asked why she’d allow herself to be filmed. Others wondered whether she was married.

Prison warder video update

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A voice note of an unknown man claiming to be her former colleague also made the rounds, expressing his disappointment and saying the warder was married.

“Her husband doesn’t work at Correctional Service. Everyone knows them and their kids.”

He said she was recently suspended after an inmate escaped. “A prisoner asked for cash at the prisoners’ cashier the day before the escape, She broke the law and gave him the money directly, which she was not supposed to do,” he said.

I wonder how they’ll handle all this. I just hope she doesn’t k¡ll herself.” he added.

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