South African Government to punish female prison warder busted with Inmate [Video]


Correctional Services Department in South Africa has warned officers who are involved in acts of s_x with inmates that they will no longer be spared.

This is after an £xplicit video went viral a day ago showing a female officer cladding full police uniform engaging herself in s_xual ¡ntercourse with an inmate.

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Prison warder video with inmate

A video with flustering scenes of alleged s€xual activity between an official and an inmate at the Ncome Correctional Centre, KwaZulu-Natal Region, has left the Department of Correctional Services appalled, embarrassed and gutted,”

departmental spokesman Singabakho Nxumalo said in a statement as quoted by the

In its statement, the department acknowledged that acts of s£xual activities were on an increase against the laws governing morality in cells. Watch-

Watch full video here

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