“I can’t discipline my son anymore coz I’m shy of him” – Yaw Tog Mum discloses [Watch]


Young Ghanaian hip-hop musician, Yaw Tog’s mother has revealed that she can no longer discipline her son because she is now shy of him.

Just like every African mother, Yaw Tog’s mother was not exempted from meting out punishment and criticising the rapper when he was a kid.

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Yaw Tog's mother

Mama Tog as she is popularly called in Kumerica said that she used to scold her son whenever he goes wayward but now, she isn’t too sure she can do that to him.

In an interview on Aseda Radio, Mama Tog recounted that she used to threaten her son with curses when he disobeys her.

She said she buys boiled egg and threatens to invoke curses on him if he disobeys her but after he does the right thing, she eats the egg.

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“When he was a little kid, I used to threaten that I would curse him with boiled eggs,” she disclosed. “Sometimes, when he goes out to play at places I do not like, I chase him with boiled eggs.”

Now that Yaw Tog is a superstar, she confronts him with humility and respect because she is very shy to scold him like before.

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