Man brutalizes his 14yrs housemaid for allegedly refusing to have $ex with him; Video drops


Sad video drops as Man brutalizes his 14yrs housemaid for allegedly refusing to have $ex with him

Man gets confronted after reports of him brutalising his 14-year-old housemaid over her refusal to offer her body to him.

This incident happened at Badore, Lagos and was first shared by actress Iheme Nancy who revealed she was on set at the area.

Man brutalizes his 14yrs housemaid

The 14 year old girl, Mary Victor Okoro from Calabar narrating her ordeal said the man one day asked her to sleep with him in exchange of 10,000 Naira.

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The lady said she refused and told him her mother will one day find out and added that she was a virgin and doesn’t want anyone to devirgin her.

Mary Victor Okoro said her uncle sent her to live with and work for him and she gets paid for 10,000 monthly.

On why she was beaten, she said she washed his shoe rag but it fell and she washed it again and when he was demanding for it, he complained that it was still dirty.

According to the girl, the man sent his son to bring him belt which he used to brutalised her leaving wounds on her body.

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Iheme Nancy, however, said the man has been arrested.

Watch the video below;

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