Pastor sacked Rastaman for dancing ‘ungodly’ during church service [Watch]


There was massive drama in church after the pastor sacked Rastaman for dancing ungodly during praise and worship.

A pastor of a yet-to-be-identified church in Ghana has sparked a debate on social media after one of his services went viral.

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Pastor sacked Rasta man for dancing 'ungodly' during church service

The man of God was initially sitting quietly at the pulpit before standing abruptly to march the Rasta man who was creating a scene.

The bone-cracking dance the said Rastaman was performing to some gospel songs being chorused in the church might have provoked the pastor to act.

In the video, the head pastor could be seen dragging the gentleman by his white t-shirt and escorted him to the exit.

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He ensured the man was out of the building before heading for his seat.

The video has caused a stir, especially at a time when conversations around discrimination against Rastafarians are heating up.

Watch video below

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