Video of an alleged ‘yahoo’ girl talking to her client shock netizens [Watch]


Video of an alleged Nigerian ‘yahoo’ girl talking to her client shock netizens…. Nigeria and other West African countries are homes of many Yahoo boys in Africa. These are well-known people who are fondly referred to as Big Boys.

They have no real sources of income, but their wealth baskets keep ballooning. Some of them go to the extent of doing giveaways, and as a result, they have attracted a massive following.

What is the full meaning of Yahoo boy?

The name Yahoo boy is quite popular in Nigeria and other countries. However, many people do not know what it means. The meaning of Yahoo boy is connected to fraudsters who make money through dishonest means on the internet.

Nigerian yahoo girl talking to her client

These people have quick monetary reward expectations in mind. Therefore, they use different schemes. The standard Yahoo boys format of fraud involves sending swindling messages to online dating websites and social network sites. In so doing, they scam several innocent people.

Currently trending on social media is a video of an alleged Nigerian yahoo girl was trying to scam a foreigner on behalf of her boyfriend.

According to social media reports, the partner of the young lady is an internet fraudster commonly known as yahoo boy and he created a catfish account online pretending to be a lady.

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However, after series of online chatting, the white man decided he would love to speak with the lady he has been communicating with.

That was when the yahoo boy got his girl involved and asked her to pretend as if she is the one the white man has been chatting with on social media.

The young lady can be heard asking about a card, which it is believed her boyfriend had asked the white man for, via his catfish account.

Watch the video below;

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