Woman ties the knot with dead husband just before burial; shocking video drops [watch]


A woman who is identified as Beatrice Mbayi tied a knot with her late husband William Godfrey Mukalama in Funyula Busia County.

It is not a daily occurrence to walk into a compound meant to hold a funeral and bump into a bride in full wedding gear.

That was the case in Funyula when one Beatrice Mbayi walked down the aisle to tie the knot to William Godfrey Mukalama, who lay lifeless in a brown casket.

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Beatrice Mbayi tied a knot with her late husband William Godfrey Mukalama in Funyula Busia County

On the ground were garments spread out to create a path that would lead the bride-to-be from her house to the tent where the body lay.

Escorted by song and dance, Mbayi played the blushing bride as she walked with meticulous steps towards her groom.

“We are aware it is not your wish to have a wedding ceremony in this manner, but kindly accept this ring so that you and your wife will remain one,” the man presiding over the ceremony told the groom.

The congregation ululated as the ring was slid onto the finger of the departed groom.

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With the first activity of the day completed, it was time to celebrate the marriage before the ceremony reverted to a funeral, and the late’s body was interred.

This is not only rare but also bizarre, and it is not yet clear what inspired the bride to take that direction.

Sources indicate that Beatrice, just like other followers of the sect, is brainwashed by the teachings of Prophetess Mary Akatsa, whom they call ‘Mummy.’

Akatsa runs the controversial Jerusalem Church whose followers are known to view death as graduation.

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Watch the video below courtesy: JMMI Channel.

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