Live accident in fuel station gets captured on camera; video piles massive reactions [Watch]


A footage of a live accident that occurred in a fuel station and got captured on camera has surfaced on social media and is fast gathering thousands of reactions.

In most petrol stations, motorists are always instructed to switch off the engine when fuelling.

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Live accident in fuel station

The reason you are advised to switch off the engine is to avoid chances of gas vapors coming into contact with heat, which may lead to an explosion.

This reckless motorbike rider threw caution to the wind when fuelling and caused a massive explosion that almost claimed his life and that of the petrol station attendant.

They should thank their Maker for escaping unhurt.

Watch the video video :

In another heartbreaking report, A fatal accident involving a car and a motorbike in Accra has been captured on camera

In the video sighted by on the verified Facebook handle of Joy 99.7 FM, there was a clash between a robust four-wheel drive and an overspeeding motorbike.

A crowd quickly gathered at the scene together with police and military officials who made sure the victims were transported to the hospital immediately.

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