Drama as jilted wife hang posters and photos of a slay queen who snatched her husband


A jilted wife has caused a massive stir after she hanged posters to exposed a slay queen who is having an affair with her husband.

The aggrieved woman paraded photos of the middle-aged lady who goes by the name Emmah Ogutu and labeled her a husband snatcher.

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She further warned women to be careful when they see Emmah talking to their husbands.

“Shame! Shame! Shame! Kawangware women, Be careful of Emmah Ogutu- Husband snatcher, ” a message on the poster read.

See the poster below :

Emmah Ogutu

In other news, two ladies fight dirty over a man [Watch]

two ladies fight dirty over a man

In the video, the girls fiercely pull each other’s hair and refuse to let go of it, while beating and undr£ssing each other while lying on the ground.

Interestingly, some people were busy recording the drama on their phones instead of trying to separate them from embarrassing themselves.

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