Wedding celebrations ruined as groom’s baby mama attacks the newlywed couple [Watch]


Wedding celebrations were ruined this weekend after the groom’s baby mama attacked the newly wed couple.

After completing their vows when the couple did not suspect anything to go wrong, a woman with children showed up and ready to fight.

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She kept shouting that the groom had slept with her at her house the night before the wedding and they have children together.

In the video the groom is holding his bride back and trying to leave the scene with his wife. However, the bride is furious and shouts at a little girl who appears to be one of the children the groom has with his baby mama.

The groom finally gets his wife away from his baby mama and the other lady is left shouting at the car in which the newlyweds get into.

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Taking to social media, the public is not happy with the way the bride wanted to attack the little girl and venting her anger towards the innocent child.

Watch the video below :

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