Actress Lydia Forson rain curses on a man for saying her mother is not worth celebrating


Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson, abandoned all form of decorum and rain curses on a social media user for saying her (Lydia Forson) mother does not deserve to be celebrated as a mother on mother’s day.

It has become mundane for celebrities to clap back at trolls that gather in their social media pages’ comment section.

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Lydia Forson


While many celebrities are blessed daily with likes and good comments, they usually get worked when a troll is on their neck and these days they makes sure to dish out the most savage responses.

Just recently, Award-winning Ghanaian actress and film producer Lydia Forson who is known for always flaunting her mother at any given point has rained curses on a young man who decided to poke his nose into her business.

The man, Otuya Rukevwe Godwin, after the actress posted a picture of herself and her mother, remarked that if Ms Forson’s mother failed to tell her that the dress she( Ms Forson) wore in the picture is short, then she deserves no celebration on mother’s day.

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This infuriated Ms Forson who hit back with a curse, adding that until he prays for forgiveness, he’ll be doomed in this life.

See screenshot below :

Lydia Forson

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