Rapper AKA and Anele Nelli Tembe’s toxic relationship exposed after her death [videos]


SA rapper AKA and Anele Nelli Tembe’s toxic relationship exposed after the rapper dished out claims that he isn’t a suspect to his fiancée’s death.

The drama surrounding Anele Tembe and AKA’s alleged toxic relationship continues. This time videos are surfacing and it seems the two were not as happily in love as we imagined.

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AKA and Anele Nelli Tembe

In one video Nellie is seen frantically crying telling men who were trying to calm her down: You guys don’t know he’s been doing to me”.

The next video has AKA recording a room that had apparently been trashed by Nellie while she is sitting on the floor rocking back and forth visibly not in the right frame of mind.

Then a screenshot of an alleged message thread between AKA and Nellie’s father just before Nellie died.

AKA and Anele Nelli Tembe

Social media users came up with their own theories stating that Nelli was depressed as this was not the first time she tried to jump off a building.

Her father, Moses Tembe’s eulogy denounces any rumours of mental illness saying his daughter was not suicidal neither was she depressed.

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