Kennedy Agyapong exposes Captain Smart for giving a fake cheque to a businesswoman [Video]


Kennedy Agyapong has decided to turn the power of his investigative team on Captain Smart for the simple reason that the former Angel FM presenter is calling out the corrupt and incompetent NPP government.

Agyapong, who claims to stand for truth and accountability, for some reasons does not want the wrongdoings of his NPP government to be exposed, so instead of bringing out the rot in government, he’s decided to attack Captain Smart.

Kennedy Agyapong

Agyapong claims that Captain Smart was arrested in 2018 for fraud after being reported by a woman he was doing business with.

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According to Agyapong, Captain Smart bought chairs worth Ghc 5,000 from a certain lady but paid with a bounced check.

The lady therefore could not retrieve the money. Kennedy Agyapong claims this led to Captain Smart’s arrest. He also showed the so-called bounced cheque that Captain Smart used.

Watch the video below;

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