Date Rush Shemina Adam causes massive stir with latest video [watch]


Shemina Adam, A young curvaceous lady looking for love caused a frenzy online when she appeared on TV3’s Date Rush reality show.

It was all fun during the latest TV3’s Date Rush episode as viewers were stunned by what they saw.

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Date Rush Shemina Adam

For the first time in the history of the show, a well-endowed lady stormed the stage to cause massive confusion.

The lady named, Shemina Hawa Adam, ended up gathering more viewers online last night than President Nana Addo gathered when he delivered his 25th national address on measures taken against COVID-19.

A screenshot going viral shows that only 2,400 people watched Nana Addo’s address on TV3’s Facebook channel whilst over 13,000 people watched Shemina Hawa Adam on the same TV3 platform broadcasting the Date Rush show.

Date Rush Shemina Adam

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When she appeared on stage, most of the guys on the show were looking up to get a date with her.

Shemi, as she is affectionately called has currently taken over the internet with her voluptuous body… Check out her latest video below :

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