Man transforms mud into beautiful kingsize bed, his video wows netizens [Watch]


The video of an old man who artistically transformed mud into a beautiful bed sculpture has gone viral on the internet as people were amazed at how he made it look all too easy.

At the beginning of the clip shared by Rania Zervalaki Parona, the artist transported all the mud he would be needing manually to his workspace.

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Man transforms mud into beautiful kingsize bed

He then set out to work as he moulded every part of the bed. One of the amazing things was that he drew flower designs that complemented the art well.

With his chisel, he chopped at the mud to create lines and intricate curves. According to the report, the man works in a forest in Cambodia.

This would not be the first he is creating such beautiful pieces. He had made small houses for rabbits among many others.

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After the man was done working, he slept on the bed before he went out again to make side furniture with bamboo.

Watch the video below :

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