SHS student romantically proposes to girlfriend with ring on campus [watch]


SHS student romantically proposes to girlfriend on campus…. People fall in love in different ways; if you have to consider the mysteries surrounding the issue of love, then you will agree that no one can truly understand the affairs of the heart.

When it comes to love, children are not exempted as they seem to find love in the weirdest of places. But overtime, they start to grow out of it as they get to know there is more to life.

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SHS student romantically proposes to girlfriend

Having a crush on someone is a normal thing, but doing something about the crush is the big deal.

A video of a young pupil in South America proposing to his girlfriend is trending on social media platforms today.

Although the girl said yes to the boy and she gets the ring not everyone in Mzansi is happy to see this.

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Some people think the proposal is sweet, adorable and people should understand that these kids are in love.

On the other side many believe it is not right. Just imagine what goes through your mind as a parent and you see your son proposing before he even attains a Matric qualification.

Watch the video below ;

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