Priceless moment boy who lived in forest and eats grass interacts with People for the first time [Watch ]


Zanziman Ellie, A boy with a disability finally got to meet humans and see the urban area in a heartwarming video that recently made the rounds on social media.

Twenty-one-year-old Zanziman Ellie suffers from microcephaly, where a baby is born with a small head.

Shunned by his villagers for “being different”, Ellie, who can’t speak, spends most of his time in a jungle.

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Zanziman Ellie boy who lived in forest and eat grass

Bullies are everywhere but how do you escape them? Twenty-one-year-old Zanziman Ellie chooses to hike nearly 32 kilometres every day.

Born in Rwanda, East Africa, Zanziman Ellie has microcephaly. A rare condition where a baby is born with a much smaller head than what’s perceived as normal, Ellie’s disorder has made him an outcast in his village, earning him the nickname “real-life Mowgli”.

Shunned for looking different, Ellie spends his time away from the community in the jungle. On most days, his meals simply consist of eating grass.

A new video capturing the moment Zanziman Ellie arrived in an urban area and interacted with people has gone viral.

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In the clip, city dwellers expressed surprise as they welcomed and interacted with him. He got to sleep in a real bed, eat good meals and was enrolled in a school for the disabled.

The video got many emotional as they praised his mother for standing by him.

Watch the video below :

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