Drama as woman trade blows with her husband’s side chick at a restaurant [Watch]


Drama ensue as woman trade blows with her husband’s side chick after she caught her with the husband at a restaurant 

A side chick had her unlucky day when the wife of the married man she has been dating caught her red handed frolicking with her man and gave her the beatings of her life.

woman trade blows with her husband

Okay, let us be fair and say there was a nasty fight, and the boss chick (the man’s wife) also had her fair of the beatings as the other lady tried to defend herself.

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According to the gossip we picked from the grapevine, the wife whose name we are yet to ascertain has been suspecting her husband of infidelity so when she got wind of his next move, she moved straight to their destination to satisfy her curiosity.

She met her husband having lunch with the side chick in a restaurant at Agbor in Delta State and without hesitation, pounced on the ‘homewrecker’ to teach her a bitter lesson.

Watch the action in the video below;

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