Abena Korkor breaks silence on her infamous list of men she has slept with [Watch]


Former TV presenter Abena Kokor Addo, has seized the top trending spots on social media after listing some men she has slept with.

According to the mental health advocate who is vocal about her struggle with bipolar, she had a manic episode on Friday.

Abena is explaining that it is the circumstance that led her to record the almost 3 hours viral video in which she spoke about her sex life among other topics.

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Abena Korkor breaks silence on her infamous list of men she has slept with

During the Instagram life video, Abena said she has slept with close to 100 men and listed NPP’s Sammy Awuku, KOD, Giovani Caleb and Lexis Bill as some of the popular men she has been in bed with.

Apart from speaking about her s-3x life, Abena Korkor also opened about her arrest and jail time in the U.S for trafficking heroin.

“On Friday dawn I had a bit of manic episode, what actually triggered it, I’ve been able to figure that out,” she said in a video seen by pulse.com.gh and added that “until Saturday before I realized what I had actually done so I came to my page to delete the video”.

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Abena Korkor in breaking her silence over her infamous s3x list is now saying that the feedback only comes to prove that Ghana’s fabric that holds the society is broken because people intentionally ignored the positive things she said and focused on the negative ones.

“I spoke about a myriad of topics and I think I highlighted … childhood trauma with other issues that people could have focused on but that basic structure and customs and believes that make our Ghana successful is broken,” she said.

Abena added that “because of all the 2 hours 45 minutes video that I did the only part that really resonated with the public that got people’s attention was when it got to let’s say things that had to do with saying things that are not positive about celebrities”.

However, Abena Kokor has not denied any of her allegations about the names that she mentioned over the weekend.

Hear more from her in the video below.

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