KNH medical doctor commits suicide; leaves behind emotional note


Lydia Wahura Kanyoro, A Promising Medical doctor and student has shocked everybody after she decided to end her own life in the middle of the day while at work.

She reportedly committed suicide last Saturday June 12 at the Kenyatta Hospital parking lot where she had parked her car while on duty.

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Lydia Wahura Kanyoro


Details revealed that the 35 year old brilliant medical scholar was pursuing her Master’s in Medicine by the time of her death.

She left the Lecture Hall located at the University College of Health Sciences within KNH, walked straight to the parking lot, into her car and injected herself with some drugs after penning a suicidal note which was later found besides her lifeless body.

I am so so so so sorry but I don’t expect forgiveness. I am scared of dying but I am more scared of living, it was “hard to live in a skin that is not mine and life was not what I expected” a printed note read.

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Dr, Lydia was, according to our sources, facing some unknown career related challenges hence depression. Before killing self, she contacted some of her close relatives to tell them where they will be collecting her body.

According to the Star, also two bottles of Anaesthesia drugs labelled Ketamine and Midazolam, alongside a syringe were found empty close to her body.

What drove her to end her life? That’s the question consuming relatives, colleagues and friends.

And her death raises the spectre of psychological pressure and untreated mental health issues among medical professionals, especially younger health workers.

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