You are going to die more than this – Afia Schwarzenegger tells Ghana police [video]


Ghanaian comedienne and TV host Afia Schwarzenegger has hit hard at the Ghana police service following the death of one of its officers, Emmanuel Osei.

Emmanuel Osei was shot dead by armed robbers who trailed a bullion van in a taxi and on a motorbike and upon arrival at a less crowded location, fired at random, killing him instantly.

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Afia Schwarzenegger and Ghana Police

While many people have commiserated with the Ghana police service and the family of the deceased, Afia Schwarzenegger has said the police will not stop being killed.

According to the outspoken actress, she solicited ballistic vests while on a business trip outside Ghana some time ago but due to her political affiliation and corruption on the part of the police service, her support was rejected.

She said she was going to secure about 20,000 ballistic vests for the police service but the samples she brought weren’t tested. She said nobody reached out to her after her gesture.

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“I travelled for a business trip and my partners were giving out bulletproof jackets. So, I single-handedly solicited bulletproof jackets for the Ghana police service.”

“I brought them to Ghana by myself and gave it to the police to test, and if it’s good, I have more than 20,000 pieces to import for the police service. I didn’t hear from the police service again because they thought at the time, I was an NDC supporter so credit would be given to them.”

“You are not done dying; you are going to die more than this. You are corrupt,” she fired.

Watch Afia Schwarzenegger in the video below ;

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