Pilot sheds tears of joy as he flies his dad for the 1st time [video]


As the doors to an aircraft shut and passengers got into the mood for the flight from Charleston to Miami, 34-year-old pilot Anselm Winston stood up to make an important announcement.

Looking at the curious passengers, he informed them that onboard the aircraft was a VIP who needed to be recognised.

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Pilot sheds tears of joy as he flies his dad


The young pilot, overwhelmed with emotions, revealed: “So a little bit about this VIP, he hails from Kingston, Jamaica, born in the small town of Portmore, Jamaica. And that VIP that I’m talking about is my father.”

He gave a bit of history on his father’s life journey and his sacrifices to get him to the level he was.

That is when he crowned his speech by making it known that for the first time since he got his commercial pilot license he was flying a jet with his father on board.

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“I’m very thankful and very blessed to have him,” said a teary Winston, accentuated by claps from the cabin.

In a post on Instagram , he detailed how it has taken him about 10 years to have the opportunity to share the flying experience with his 72-year-old father.

He added that, finally, the stars aligned and he was able to get his old man on his jet, hoping to give him an experience that he’d never forget.

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