Kalybos and Ahoufe Patri Wedding ceremony ; first video drops [watch]


Kalybos and Ahoufe Patri Wedding Or A Stunt? – Well the spotlight is not a drug, but it is addictive, as we have seen over time with people who have tasted fame and no longer enjoy living in the shadows.

These people would do anything to stay relevant; they would even fake their death, or pretend to acquire properties for themselves or their parents.

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The most recent stunt people have been pulling is the love stunt: they are either getting married or engaged or in a relationship.


We can not say exactly what the case is between Ahuofe Patri and Kalybos – but just like everyone else, we are waiting to find out. We do not know whether it is a publicity stunt, or it’s true love.

But Few days ago, Ghanaian comic actor, Kalybos and his colleague Ahouf3 patri announced their decision to tie the knot on their various social media platformsKalybos and Ahoufe Patri Wedding  ceremony .

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A lot of people felt it was one of their ruse to promote a new movie or a music video.

Well, Kalybos and Ahoufe Patri has dropped videos of them walking down the aisle on social media.

Take a look :

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