Video of slay queens doing the unthinkable with sponsors at a party emerges [Watch]


A video of slay queens doing the unthinkable with sponsors in a lavish apartment has surfaced on social media.

Most slay queens that you see displaying lavish lifestyles on social media get money through peddling flesh to men who are ready to splash money to them in exchange for money.

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Slay queen


You will never see them post photos at work but they are always moving from one club to another indulging in expensive alcohol and flying for lavish vacations, and then flooding the photos on their social media handles.

So When you see slay queens living large and displaying fancy lifestyles on social media, just know that some of them toil in rooms rooms to get that money.

The relatively young ladies were stark n#kk3& drinking liquor while entertaining the pot-bellied men who had booked them for the party .

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Watch the video Here