Drama as jilted woman smashes her boyfriend’s car while baying for his blood [video]


A jilted woman confronted her boyfriend and smashed his car with a stone while breathing fire like a wounded lioness.

In a video shared social media , the aggrieved lady is heard ranting while confronting her boyfriend who was in the car with friends.

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woman confronted her boyfriend and smashed his car


She demanded that he gets out of the car where he was hiding to avoid a scuffle but he was defiant.

As the fierce confrontation ensued, she picked a stone and smashed the car’s bonnet, and threatened to cause more damage if he failed to follow her orders.

“I will not entertain stupidity if you do not need me just say. You won’t destroy my life) the seemingly drunk lady is heard shouting in the video.

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Her boyfriend’s close pal tried to cool her down but his pleas fell on deaf ears.

Watch the dramatic video below :

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