Eid al-Adha : A sheep with 5 horns causes massive stir in a market [Watch]


Amid Eid al-Adha celebration by Muslims, a video of a sheep with 5 horns spotted in a ram market in Lagos state has generated an avalanche of mixed reactions on social media.

In the captivating video shared on social media showed the ram standing as its tied to wood so as not to run away in the market waiting for its buyer..

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sheep with 5 horns


and netizens have marveled over the fact that the horns although are supposed to be two, 5 still looks good on it and have attributed it to the wonderful creation of God.

The unique sheep almost brought the business in the busy market to a standstill as traders and passers-by took photos and videos.

Reacting to the video, some IG users pointed out that it is not only human who have birth defects but animals too.

Watch the video below;

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