Lady causes stir as she parades her huge back tattoo ‘Ruto Tosha 2022’ [video]


A video clip showing unidentified Kenya lady showing her back has went viral online.This is after people noticed her tattoo which beared the name of deputy president William Ruto on the upper part of her back.

The tattoo which has attracted the attention of many people reads “Ruto Tosha 2022” which means that she is okay with the DP taking over the presidency come 2022.

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Ruto Tosha 2022 tattoo


With the current temperatures in Kenyan politics as we head towards the much anticipated 2022 general elections,we expect alot of political happenings from all camps.

In an attempt to show their unwavering support to their aspirants, supporters can even take a bullet for a politician.

At the end of everything, supporters end up being the ones who campaigned more than the aspirant.

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How popular a politician could be is determined by the type of people who offer him support and how willing they are to pull stunts in maintaining the name on the ground.

This can be achieved through doing things such as printing t-shirts,caps bearing the brand name of the politician.Also through posters and holding rallies.

Well, watch the video below :

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