Moesha’s PA blows secrets off actress to Salma Mumin; says a Nigerian senator got her mad


Actress and socialite Moesha Boduong has been widely reported not to be in her right frame of mind at the moment following her decision to repent and convert as a born-again Christian.

Many things have been said about the actress following the news of her repentance and other matters arising.

In a new twist, Moesha’s personal assistant, identified as Nelson, has revealed what he claims to be the reason for his boss’ situation.

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Salma Mumin leak audio on Moesha Boduong

According to Nelson, Moesha told him that she saw one of her lovers engaged in occultic stuff during a video call.

It is since that time that Moesha has been behaving strangely and eventually went to give her life to Christ.

In an audio conversation with Salma Mumin which has found its way onto social media, Nelson revealed that his boss had two boyfriends in Nigeria. One was a pastor and the other a senator.

She was supposed to visit the senator and could not make it so she had to call to apologise to the man. Moesha called via video and the senator, apparently, mistook it for a regular call and picked it with blood all over him.

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When Moesha saw this, she shouted, and that made the man warn her not to speak of anything she had seen.

But she could not keep her mouth shut and talked about it with others. Fearing that she was going lose her life, Moesha ran to the church for salvation.

Below is Salma Mumin leak audio on Moesha Boduong :

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