Salma Mumin confirms having surgery on her bortos which has now bloated out of shape


Whatever feud Salma Mumin had with Moesha Boduong before her predicament got to Salma. – She is turned so unforgiving and dishing out her pain at her even at the extreme dark end of Moesha.

Yesterday, Salma Mumin took to social media to claim that ‘one cannot do evil things and expect to live a beautiful life, intending that whatever her rival, Moesha Boduong is going through befits her because of the wicked things she’s done.

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Salma Mumin


Well, some people didn’t grasp the full meaning of Salma’s post and perhaps it bearing to Moesha’s situation but right now, it all makes sense.

Gossip chat between Moesha Boduong’s personal Assistant called Nelson and Salma Mumin has leaked!

The audio is about all the evil things Moesha has done in her life and to some of her colleagues who they claim did nothing to her.

Salma Mumin has been put on blast on social media for baiting Moesha Buduong‘s personal assistant to spill out her dirty stuff to her on phone.

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But one thing we are missing in the viral audios is Salma Mumin confirming travelling to Turkey to get her b*tts done despite swearing heaven and earth not to have done it when news broke out somewhere in 2019.

Salma Mumin confirmed to Moesha Buduong‘s personal Assistant that she went to Turkey to do her b*tts and body which have now bloated and out of shape.

Listen to the audio below;

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