Face of Moesha Bodoung’s brother who sold her out to Salma Mumin Identified [Video]


AtinkaNews.net has finally gotten a clear, close-up view of Nelson, the brother of Moesha Bodoung who snitched on his own sister, reflecting the modern-day Judas.

Nelson had a phone conversation with actress and part-time video vixen Salma Mumin and briefed her on how Moesha has been reduced to her present situation which has been dominating major headlines in the country and beyond for days now.

Moesha Bodoung ’s brother
Face of Moesha Bodoung’s brother who sold her out to Salma Mumin Identified [Video]
According to him, Moesha saw elements of voodoo in a secret room of one of her sugar daddies and that has affected her spiritually.

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In a leaked audio that has since gone viral, Nelson alleged the following;

1. That Moesha Buduong Burnt Over Ghc50,000 Because One Pastor Asked Her To Do So.

2. That Moesha Buduong Told People That Sandra Ankobiah Is A Drug Dealer.

3. That Moesha Buduong Isn’t Returning To Normal Again Because She Has Been Cursed By Wives Of Rich Married Men She Dated.

4. That Moesha Buduong Had Two Sugar Daddies In Nigeria, An Occultic Pastor And A Senator.

5. She sleeps with different men for money.

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See below for Nelson’s picture he took with his sister Moesha and different one he snapped alone.

Moesha Bodoung’s brother

Watch the video below;

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