Trending video: Rʋŋs girls ɛxchaŋg kicks and blɔws in street over client [Watch]


Trending video : The internet is filled with bizarre incidents, viral moments, challenges, and many more.

Trending video
Trending video: Rʋŋs girls exchang kicks and blows in street over client.

And, among recent viral incidents is a video that shows a big girl beat up two sisters after they pʋlled ʋp oŋ her about a man she was about to take home from the Club!

Watch the video below :


In other news: Drama erupts as lady catches her boyfriend red-haŋded in bɛd with another lady

In a relationship, nothing is more important than trust, however, a video that is currently going viral on social media surely puts this emotion to shame.

Chaos erupted after a lady trapped her cheating boyfriend and caught him red handed with another lady said to be his ex-girlfriend.

She stormed the room where her boyfriend was chɛwiŋg his ex-girlfriend breathing fire like a wounded lion and immediately she.. Learn more

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