Woman crashes sister’s Job Interview , thrashes her for affair with her husband [video]


Angry woman crashes sister’s job interview, beats her up for having an affair with her husband.

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woman crashes sister's job interview
Woman crashes sister’s Job Interview , thrashes her for affair with her husband .

And, among recent viral incidents is a video that shows a woman crashing her sister’s job interview and thrashing her on finding that that the latter had slept with her husband.


And, believe us or not, a video of the incident has gone viral and has left netizens ROFL-ing.

In the video, we can see an angry woman storming inside an office room while her sister is in the middle of a job interview and beat her up for allegedly sleeping with her husband.

The undated video was likely shot by someone inside the office and got to watch the whole fight between the two sisters.

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Even though it was not a happy or funny video, but I can definitely say that it has left the netizens entertained as they dropped hilarious comments and memes in the comment section of the post.

The post was also shared across social media platforms by various users and all platforms had similar comments like, “I doubt she got the job”.

Watch the video below :

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