Motorbike riding thugs robbed a lady of her phone in broad daylight [Watch]


Circuit Television ( CCTV) has exposed how motorbike riding thugs snatched a lady’s phone in broad daylight.

The incident, which is believed to have happened in Senegal, saw the defenseless young lady calmly surrender her phone in order not to get attacked.

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Motorbike riding thugs robbed a lady of her phone in broad daylight


The video captured the young lady walking by the road side while attending to her phone.

In some few seconds, she came face-to-face with the man who aggressively demanded for her phone.

After taking the phone and dipping it into his pocket, the thief hopped onto a motorbike and left.

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She helplessly looked on as the pair drove off with her property.

Watch video below:

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The daring motorist rams off the two miscreants and sped away, leaving them with injuries… Continue reading .

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