Young man caught poisoning friend’s drink, forced to drink It [Watch]


There was drama at an eatery when a man was accused of poisoning a friend’s drink and he was forced to consume the drink.

According to a Twitter user called Dayo, the boys had all gone out to release some stress and have some fun. But one of the boys went to use the washroom and another friend quickly poisoned the drink.

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Young man caught poisoning friend’s drink, forced to drink It


Unfortunately for him, someone saw him putting the stuff in the drink and he alerted the other guys.

In a video shared online, the man accused of poisoning the drink is seen sitting weakly on the floor as other men surround him.

Some of the men are seen hitting him as they accuse him of poisoning his friend’s drink when the friend went to pee.

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Soon, he begins vomiting but this doesn’t stop the men from continuing with the beating.

It took the intervention of mall security to stop the men from further attacking the man who was already too weak and was rolling on the floor.

Watch the video below, swipe for more :

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