Bobrisky finally speaks after video of his black ‘backside’ hits online [Watch]


Nigerian crossdresser, Idris Okuneye better known as Bobrisky, has continued to make headlines after his infamous fight with an anonymous blog, Gistlover.

In a new video posted on the socialite’s verified Instagram page, he gave a speech on how people should not focus on negativity from others.

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According to Bob, people should not care about the opinion of others on their lives because it stopped nothing.

“Someone needs to listen to this. Open your eyes. Why do you care about what people say about you, why do people’s opinions get you worried? Let them talk, let them insult you, does that stop money from coming into your account? Does that stop your toasters sliding into your DM to appreciate you?”, he said.

Not stopping there, Bob noted that if a person dies, they go alone and not even with their haters. The crossdresser then added that they should let their haters talk because they do not even know them and they should be left to die. Bob ended his speech by asking if insults ever killed anybody.

In his words: “Let me ask you one question, if you die tomorrow, will they bury anybody with you? You go alone right? So why do you give a f*ck about these people? You don’t even know them, let them rant from now till tomorrow, will it show on your forehead? Like I used to say, has insult killed anybody? Hell no! Move on sis.”

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Watch the video below :

This is coming after a video made the rounds said to be the backside of the popular crossdresser.

In the trending clip posted by Gistlover’s blog, the light skinned crossdresser appeared to have a very black behind that was riddled with sores.

It was gathered that he was suffering from an infection and was trying to get it treated.

See a screenshot below:


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